Audience Profiling

Any successful marketing programme starts with knowing your buyers inside out.

knowing your buyers

Who are they? What are their jobs? What are their goals and challenges? Where do they get information from? What are their decision criteria? What does their journey through the buying process look like? What sort of content really chimes with them? What do they like and what don’t they like?

This is only the start of the depth of information you should have to your fingertips on your buyers.

Once you have all of this information, you need buyer personas – examples of real buyers who influence or make decisions about your company and products or services, that we can use to focus our marketing efforts on. Then, you need to map out the buyer journey (otherwise known as the ‘customer journey’) for each of those personas – the buyer journey is a framework that maps out a customer’s progression from awareness of a need, through to consideration of solutions, a decision process, purchase and ultimate loyalty to your brand.

Our processes help tease information out of your team, make sure it’s true, comprehensive and backed up with factual research, and then turns this knowledge into outputs that become the foundation of every aspect of your marketing efforts.

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