What's this about?

A text placeholder generator in honour of Chris Place. Husband, father, Creative Director, pixel master and unlikely wordsmith.

In honour of

Chris Place

Placey (to his pals) is our beloved, snapback-adorned Creative Director. He's never short of a word or two, so to celebrate his birthday we've selected some top Placey phrases for his very own placeholder generator. Lorem ipsum? Do one.

The birth of Placey

Placey’s birth heralded an artistic renaissance, his cradle visited by Banksy to pay honour and bestow the gift of a snapback. His artistic vision was sparked after rejecting his birth certificate due to its conventional typeface. So a genius was born.

Early days

A precocious child, as his luscious facial hair grew, so did a talent as bright as his blue eyes. His first words ‘That’s mint, that’ indicated his capacity for profound reflection on his work. With his expertise, he was fast-tracked through school.

All grown up

Fusing the urban grit of Manchester with the natural wilderness of his rural escapes, Placey’s revolutionised the industry with his unique vision. He’s transformed some of the biggest in B2B, until he found the best...

Don't be Shy days

Placey graced the team in February 2020, spotting an opportunity to unleash his skills like never before. His work has always gone beyond the visual, restlessly inventing dynamic new ways to engage our emotions. He’s also charmed his way into the team’s hearts.


Today, we’re giving him the birthday recognition he deserves. He’s grown his career to enviable heights, as well as his family, parenting the next generation of powerhouse Placeys. A deep thinker, instinctive artist, but above all, a thoroughly top bloke. Sweet.

Ahh I’ve heard all the info, now give me the placeholder goodness...

I n v a d e   m y   p l a c e