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An explosive edtech cloud software relaunch.

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs in the country, but we’ve heard it can be hard. Promethean, a world-leading manufacturer of interactive edtech, wanted to help teachers do what they do best, better.

ClassFlow is a cloud-based SaaS platform designed to make teachers’ lives that little bit easier. Better yet? It’s free; teachers in cash-strapped schools can still deliver inspiring, digital learning experiences, all with a bit of cloud magic. Promethean’s goal, meanwhile, was to gather juicy data from the education workforce, with a view to monetise ClassFlow to an extensive, engaged user base.

Chart - 377% increase in daily registrations

Unfortunately, Promethean had suffered a few setbacks entering the UK market. ClassFlow’s marketing was highly US-centric, so it needed localised messaging and a clearer product positioning. ClassFlow also needed a helping hand understanding the diversity of UK educators to reach its full potential. Registrations were dripping in, but not nearly fast enough to reach Promethean’s end goal. A ClassFlow UK relaunch was in order.

Kind words

"Don’t be Shy was perfect for our relaunch for a few reasons: their insight-first approach would help us really get under the skin of UK teachers, while their marketing automation expertise gave us confidence in the implementation."
Karen Shackleton
Head of Field Marketing, UKI, Promethean

What we did


Conscious of the challenges ClassFlow faced when targeting its UK audience, we first embarked on a detailed process of audience profiling and brand identity development.

People at a workshop

We wanted to deepdive into the ClassFlow audience to understand exactly who we were talking to. We did this through a series of workshops. The results included:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Audience/user insight interviews
  • A set of polished personas
  • A 'buyer' journey for each persona
  • Evolved brand positioning
  • Segmented messaging

What we did


By combining our audience insight with a robust content strategy that would set it apart in the market, everything we did was designed to tell the ClassFlow story.

Content strategy

Our approach predominantly targeted those on the education front line - teachers. At the same time, it was important to bear in mind that head teachers and other members of the SLT had the high-level influence to roll out ClassFlow school wide. We also had to catch teachers in the online communities where they spent most of their time, so channels like Facebook were central to our strategy.

We set about engaging our personas with targeted top funnel content, addressing common teaching challenges and topics of discussion in education. We then carefully nurtured our audience, promoting ClassFlow further down the funnel. To chime a chord with our personas, we positioned the software as an enhancement to their hard work, not a replacement, or a magic wand.

The overall strategy was simple; position ClassFlow as an expert in modern education, and support for the challenges teachers face day in, day out. Taking all of the outputs from the workshops, we devised a 12 month route to market that consisted of:

  • A dynamic, teacher-centric content hub
  • Immersive content across the buyer journey
  • A multi-channel strategy integrating social, PPC and email

What we did


With three defined ‘educator’ personas, we developed highly segmented content to focus on the challenges each face in their school, positioning technology as a solution.

Classflow website

At the heart of the strategy was ResourcEd — a new content hub for teachers. Filled with expert content across industry-challenging education topics, we knew ResourcEd would be perfect for our personas. More than just a blog, ResourcEd was designed to attract new users, keep them engaged, capture data for future marketing efforts, and ultimately, convert into registrations.

As well as weekly blog content for ResourcEd, our content strategy included a suite of high-value content designed to engage and educate our target personas throughout the buyer journey, generating and nurturing leads.

Highlights from our content plan include:

  • A 3 part, segmented eBook series focused on common teaching challenges
  • An annual EdTech industry report, now in its 3rd year
  • An interactive 'grader' tool, enabling teachers to benchmark against their peers
  • A series of educational webinars tackling specific teaching challenges with ClassFlow
Classflow print item Classflow print item

Within a few weeks of sign-off, the first campaign went live. And, over the next few months, we helped ClassFlow create a serious stack of quality marketing assets that included:

147 Facebook ads

25 PPC landing pages

3 eBooks

60+ blogs

65 promoted Tweets

52 emails

1 industry survey and report

1 blog/microsite

20 LinkedIn ads

2 videos

1 interactive tool

6 content landing pages

230 PPC ads

4 animations

3 infographics

1 conversion-optimised sign-up page

What we did

Marketing automation

Central to the campaign was Pardot, Promethean’s marketing automation platform.

Marketing automation

It enabled us to deliver the right message and content to the right person, at different stages of their buyer journey. We promoted educational, useful content at the early stages, before nurturing leads with solution-based content.

A complex programme was developed for each persona, enabling us to nurture prospects throughout the journey. We did this by gaining a 360° view of their engagement with the ResourcEd and ClassFlow brands.

Once the ClassFlow campaign launched, it soon became clear that our personalised approach was going to pay off — within a matter of months, daily sign-ups had skyrocketed by 377%!

Kind words

"I've experienced good agencies in the past, but I can honestly say that Don’t be Shy is in a different league. The level of thinking and understanding of our products and marketplace is exceptional."
Karen Shackleton
Head of Field Marketing Europe, Promethean

What happened next?

With bit of creative pizzazz, in the 12 months post-launch ClassFlow jumped from zero visibility in search to exceeding the rankings of some of the larger SEO competitors, like TES.

60% average conversion rate on content landing pages
377% increase in daily sign-ups
20% average CTRs (68% click to open rate) on emails

Kind words

"The ClassFlow persona names have become part of our everyday office talk! And the registration numbers are now coming in at quadruple the speed they were before, so we really are seeing the results of our hard work over the last year."
Andy Stevens,
Head of UK Content and Campaigns, Promethean

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