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Intercity Technology is a powerhouse of passionate IT experts. They've been around since 1985 — that's a long time when it comes to tech. If they're not worthy of a 'tried, tested and trusted' badge we don't know who is.

Intercity - faster, smarter, anywhere

Trouble was, while Intercity was operating at the leading edge of business and healthcare technology, the brand wasn’t reflecting the true value of the business. What's more, their website, content strategy and outbound-focused marketing approach needed a serious lead-gen shake-up.

Kind words

"After a competitive pitch process, we selected Don't be Shy due to their clear digital-first approach, coupled with strong brand capability. The team was big enough to cope, but small enough for us to feel sure it would get the time and dedication it needed."
Georgina Lord
Inside Sales and Marketing Director

What we did


As with any brand, the critical first step in the journey to a winning B2B brand and marketing strategy is gaining deep insight into your audience, brand and offering.

Intercity at a workshop

This gives consensus across the business on what’s important, in order to focus your efforts. Having recently acquired two businesses, never was this more important than for Intercity — and they embraced the challenge with gusto...

  • 3 days of workshops focusing on audience, brand and content
  • 18 attendees from the board, marketing, sales, technical and HR
  • 7 new marketing personas and buyer journeys created
  • New brand positioning, focusing on people rather than technology
  • New brand tone of voice and content focus areas

Kind words

"I’ve been to a lot of marketing workshops before, but I thought these were by far the best. The three sessions hung together really well and produced more tangible outputs than I was expecting."
Andrew Jackson
CEO, Intercity Technology

What we did


With a complex and fragmented suite of products, an over-crowded marketplace and a long history of being known as 'just a mobile provider', Intercity faced a big challenge.

Representation of brand strategy

We decided to flip the traditional IT model on its head; rather than focusing on the tech, we focused on people — specifically how technology can empower people to work better. The new positioning brought this together in a clear and simple message: People-first technology — solutions that empower your people to work together, work anywhere and work securely.

  • Brand strategy that flipped the focus from hardware to humans
  • New offering architecture, rationalising a complex suite of products
  • Key messaging segmented by persona and solution

What we did


Whilst the Intercity Technology name wasn’t changing, the way the brand was represented in the market needed a distinct shift to better reflect the new positioning. Bringing consistency to the Intercity brand was top of the list, so we embarked on a process that involved developing a new brand and visual identity.

Brand guidelines

The project also involved bringing several disparate sub-brands under the Intercity umbrella, tying everything together with a shared visual style.

  • New brand and sub-brand identities
  • Creative look and feel that brought the new brand essence of 'people-first technology' to life through imagery and words
  • Photography style and modernised colour palette
  • Full brand guidelines and suite of new sales and marketing templates
Brand icons
Comprehensive set of icons designed to work on a variety of background colours.
Intercity slides Intercity slides

What we did


We wanted Intercity’s new human-centric branding to tell an authentic, relatable story to its customers, so we put human faces, not hardware, at the front and centre of the web design.

Intercity websiteIntercity websiteIntercity website

The website also needed to act as a lead gen machine and content hub, so a rigorous UX planning process ensured the user journeys reflected these objectives. Finally, restructuring Intercity’s service offerings around three pillar concepts - empowering people to work together, anywhere, securely - allowed us to consistently lead with people-first benefits.

  • Conversion-optimised design in order to improve previous low conversion rates
  • New content hub created to showcase Intercity's expertise and support the content and SEO strategy
  • Simplified structure for both search engines and users
  • WordPress development with full HubSpot integration
  • Improved content management experience for the marketing team

What we did


With the new brand positioning in place and a lead-gen website underway, the next stage was to define a content and contact strategy to engage and connect with the target personas.

Intercity print item

Through the workshop process it had quickly become clear that the abundance of expertise within Intercity was their USP, so the strategy was simple; bring that expertise to the fore through new content designed to inspire, educate and support the personas — all authored by people from Intercity.

  • Content strategy focused around four core topics
  • Content calendar for bi-monthly content offers and weekly blogs
  • Integration with Intercity's PR agency to ensure content was carefully aligned
  • Contact strategy designed to reach, attract and convert prospects through a carefully selected mix of inbound and outbound channels
Intercity print item Intercity print item

What we did


Intercity already had HubSpot in place, but needed help in taking it to the next level.

HubSpot strategy

We started with an in-depth audit to discover how it was currently being used, and identified areas for improvement. We then got to work — organising contacts, cleaning data, creating new templates and setting up workflows. We also worked with the sales team to develop a new lead scoring model to help them better identify warm leads and manage the contact lifecycle.

  • HubSpot audit to identify areas for improvement
  • Data cleaning and management
  • Series of new email templates and automated workflows
  • Lead scoring strategy and implementation
  • Microsoft Dynamics integration support

What happened next?

41% increase in website visitors
2,550% increase in conversions
45% increase in search visibility

Kind words

"Don't be Shy have supported us every step of the way in developing the brand and launching our new website, especially while we've been building out our internal team. Now we have really solid foundations to build our marketing on."
Sophie Cornock,
Marketing Manager

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