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Technology revisited.

Introducing digital-first lead generation to a traditional IT and software service provider.

In true start-up style, Genisys Group started life in London with just five people. That was back in 1985 — the heyday of NES and the Discman. Thirty years of tech innovation later, Genisys has grown up into global team of software development and IT experts, digitally transforming businesses across three continents.

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Today, tech is trendy. But it can be hard for mature, sales-driven IT businesses like Genisys to shrug off their ‘sensible’ coats. Now IT services has become more commoditised, we wanted this technology master to generate leads from more future-focused digital platforms. Genisys just needed a dose of modernisation; it was time for a makeover.

Kind words

"We were so impressed with the work they did for one of our clients, we brought Don’t be Shy on to modernise our own marketing, rejuvenate our website and liven-up our brand. As we had no in-house marketing department, we needed an agile agency that could act as an entirely outsourced marketing team."
Andy Vickers
Sales Director, Genisys Group

What we did


Genisys was aware that it needed a new, eye-catching website that more accurately reflected the ethos of its business, while bringing in more organic search and qualified leads.

But to learn what would work best, we first wanted a deeper insight into its audience and competitors. We carried out a series of workshops with Genisys, and crafted a set personas that would help us speak directly to its prospects. Armed with this information, we set about creating a new brand identity for the well-established IT business. This branding formed the basis of the new Genisys website, encompassing a friendly-but-informative tone of voice and an approachable design.

Genisys websiteGenisys website

Importantly, the new Genisys website was fully responsive and highly optimised, providing a smooth user experience to generate more leads. We also designed and built a content hub for publishing expert ideas and market insights, and showcasing Genisys’ impressive armoury of industry-leading partners and case studies.

  • New brand identity and fresh personality
  • Modernised colour palette and human-centric imagery
  • Creative interface focused on user experience and accessibility
  • Simplified structure and style to generate leads and conversions
  • Content hub for publishing blogs, articles and case studies

What we did


Until now, Genisys was a successful sales-drive operation, focused on lead gen through outbound marketing activities.

Content workshops - post its on whiteboard

Genisys had almost no domain authority or SEO ranking, mostly because of online inactivity. We wanted to introduce a more search engine-friendly strategy, pushing up Genisys’ domain authority and SEO ranking with regular blogs and other valuable pieces of content. This would give Genisys the opportunity to let its customers come to them.

  • With fresh branding on the table, and an optimised, user friendly website in the making, we devised a supporting content strategy that would talk directly to Genisys’ personas.
  • Our plan was to affirm Genisys’ position as a knowledge expert and an experienced industry leader. To do this, we mapped a content strategy that tapped Genisys’ wealth of expertise, sharing valuable content that reinforced Genisys’ ultimate lead generation goal.
Genisys print item Genisys print item

What we did

Lead generation

To encourage Genisys to move away from its heavily outbound approach, everything in our strategy supported its ultimate goal: lead generation.

Genisys LinkedIn

To do this, we honed in on which pieces of new content to promote, to who, and when — always aligned with the sales team’s specific goals at that time.

Enticing email campaigns would share Genisys’ educational content, supplementing the existing database with paid data, all disseminated with optimised automation workflows through HubSpot.

Kind words

"A year in, we’ve got a fully functioning, lead generating content marketing machine and we’re really seeing the results. They set up HubSpot marketing for us from start to finish, and we’re moving to the HubSpot CRM too."
Andy Vickers
Sales Director, Genisys Group

What we did


Next up, Genisys needed a marketing platform that would distribute its new bank of insightful content, and allow it to reach its audience at exactly the right time.

Email designs

We set up Genisys on HubSpot from scratch, fully integrating the marketing platform with the new Genisys website. HubSpot was the tool that cemented Genisys’ new lead gen marketing strategy; we organised and cleaned existing data, creating new email templates and setting up workflows for its regular campaigns, all segmented by relevance. We:

  • Introduced the principles of marketing automation to Genisys with HubSpot
  • Created automated follow-up emails for form submissions, with appropriate follow on CTAs across the site
  • Designed targeted email campaigns based on personas, products and services

What we did

Sales enablement

Once Genisys identified the value of HubSpot’s marketing automation platform, it was keen to integrate the sales side of the business to HubSpot’s CRM.

HubSpot strategy
  • By developed a lead scoring and nurturing process, we aligned the Genisys sales team with HubSpot’s methodology. This process helped the business deliver a steady stream of leads, qualified and warmed, ready for a sales call.
  • By moving Genisys over to HubSpot CRM, we closed the loop between sales and marketing. This gave Genisys advanced, funnel-based reporting capabilities on one central platform. This drove enhanced business alignment, and a consistent user experience through the entire buyer journey.

What happened next?

As a highly outbound, sales-driven organisation, Genisys had very little online activity prior to our partnership. Because of this, we were able to take its web presence from zero to Google hero. After being buried deep under irrelevant results, Genisys now ranks top of search.

349 leads generated in 12 months
4,842% increase in new visits in the first 2 months
9.8% email open rate

Kind words

"Throughout the whole process Don’t be Shy have been responsive, professional and always on hand for expert advice. They really care about quality of output too."
Andy Vickers,
Sales Director, Genisys Group

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