Brand Strategy, Content Marketing

Persona profiling: what should you do when you don’t know your target audience?

23 . 10 . 2017

Want to know the secret sauce to a successful marketing strategy? Selling isn’t selling when you tap your personas. It’s solving a problem, answering a need or scratching…


Five B2B Marketing Awards nominations for Don’t be Shy

22 . 08 . 2017

Don’t be Shy is proud to have been working with ClassFlow since the beginning of 2016 to help schools enhance pedagogy through interactive and collaborative technology. We were…

Content Marketing

The power of an image in visual storytelling in content optimisation

8 . 08 . 2017

According to that old English idiom, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Truer today than it has ever been, what this means is that while you’re undoubtedly…

Content Marketing

Trust me I’m a lawyer: Why law firms need content marketing

6 . 04 . 2017

In 2016, hundreds of thousands of businesses in the UK searched for legal advice online. The next step for many of them was to get in touch with…


Don’t be Shy is a finalist for three Drum Marketing Awards

4 . 04 . 2017

We’re proud to announce that Don’t be Shy has been nominated alongside ClassFlow in this year’s Drum Marketing Awards. This year was the first time these prestigious awards…

Content Marketing

Don’t be Shy shortlisted for Prolific North award

31 . 03 . 2017

The Prolific North awards are a celebration of expertise and talent in the creative and media industries across the North. We’re honoured – and very excited – to…

transform your b2b website
Web Design

Presentation: Transform your website from content chaos to content perfection

24 . 03 . 2017

Whether you have an active content marketing strategy or not, your content needs to be organised in one easily accessible place: your website. Read this guide to find…

Web Design

Presentation: How to transform your B2B website into a lead generation powerhouse

24 . 03 . 2017

Your website can be one of two things: a glorified online brochure, or a lead generation powerhouse and crucial member of your sales team. Which is yours? This guide explores how…

telling your brand story
Web Design

Presentation: Telling your brand story through your website

24 . 03 . 2017

Every brand has a story. But not every company’s website tells that story effectively, in a way that compels users to find out more. Does yours? Follow the…

Brand Strategy

8 key elements of a dynamite B2B brand strategy

13 . 02 . 2017

 There’s a common misconception that branding in the B2B sphere can be a tad, well, boring. After all, selling things like software, professional services, and energy systems doesn’t…

Buyer Personas
Content Marketing, HubSpot

Know your buyers – the success of your marketing depends on it

8 . 02 . 2017

Every successful business cultivates customer relationships, and content such as case studies, videos and blogs are essential when it comes to demonstrating your skills, expertise, and brand personality….

Marketing Strategy

Three things NOT to do in your new B2B marketing job

4 . 02 . 2017

You’ve negotiated the interview process and got yourself a great new B2B marketing job. But how can you make a good first impression? Here are three common pitfalls…

Content Marketing

What is the buyer’s journey and why should you care?

1 . 02 . 2017

Every great digital marketing strategy starts with a finely tuned understanding of the buyer’s journey; providing an essential insight into your customers’ needs, wants, and goals.But what exactly…

Brand Strategy

How to stand out in the age of digital advertising overload

27 . 01 . 2017

We all have our digital advertising pet peeves.Maybe you can’t stand YouTube pre-roll ads, or perhaps it’s pop-ups that get your blood boiling. My personal nemesis? Big, blocky…

How to develop a website redesign brief
Web Design

Five things to include in a new website brief

23 . 01 . 2017

Here’s a useful golden rule for working with any agency: a project is only as good as the brief supplied. No one – no matter how insightful or…

Personalised B2B marketing campaigns
Content Marketing

How to personalise your B2B marketing campaigns: Part 2

20 . 01 . 2017

(Pssst… Before you read this, read How to personalise your B2B marketing campaigns: Part 1)Now that you’ve read Part 1, you’re clued up about the infrastructure you need…

How to personalise your marketing campaigns
Content Marketing

How to personalise your marketing campaigns: Part 1

18 . 01 . 2017

The best marketing campaigns are highly targeted and personalised – these are what we like to refer to as ‘modern marketing’ campaigns. This is true across all marketing…

The importance of your Unique Selling Point (USP) to your marketing
Marketing Strategy

Why your USP should be central to your marketing strategy

15 . 01 . 2017

To market any business effectively – whether it’s a small start-up or a well-established company – you need to be able to answer two very important questions: How…

Why you need responsive web design
Web Design

Why you need responsive web design

5 . 01 . 2017

Earlier this year, Google announced that it was expanding the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. While this sent some marketers into a flat spin, the announcement…

Marketing buyer personas
Marketing Strategy

What are buyer personas and why does my marketing plan need them?

22 . 12 . 2016

If you’ve ever done so much as dipped your toe into the content marketing ocean, you’ll have come across the term ‘buyer personas’. Buyer personas are a fundamental…

WeWork South Bank Start-Up Marketing Event
Brand Strategy

Great success at the Ultimate Start-up Marketing launch event!

3 . 12 . 2015

Last night, over 40 London-based start-ups gathered at WeWork on the South Bank for the launch of our new guide, Ultimate Start-up Marketing. Along with our partners, Match…

How to keep your marketing blog updated

How to keep your blog updated regularly

23 . 11 . 2015

If you’re like 99% of companies doing their marketing in-house, you’ll probably agree that one of the biggest challenges of implementing a modern marketing strategy is keeping your…

Nemefits of outsourcing to digital marketing agency
Marketing Strategy

The benefits of outsourcing to a digital marketing agency

5 . 11 . 2015

To outsource or not to outsource? As a Marketing Manager, it’s probably a question you find yourself grappling with from time to time (and one that’s almost as…

SEO is a waste of money – or is it?
Content Marketing

SEO is a waste of money – or is it?

27 . 10 . 2015

The other day, I typed ‘SEO is’ into the Google search bar. Before I could finish typing out the rest of my search term, four telling predictive options…

The importance of strong information architecture
Web Design

The importance of strong information architecture

15 . 10 . 2015

The information you choose to share with your target audience influences how you are perceived as a brand. As such, the information you choose to communicate should be…

The biggest content marketing myth (busted!)
Content Marketing

The biggest content marketing myth (busted!)

6 . 10 . 2015

All too often, this is how marketers think content marketing is supposed to work:Step 1: Think of something your target market would be interested in.Step 2: Create a…

9 brilliant marketing quotes to inform your B2B content strategy
Blogging, Content Marketing

9 Brilliant Marketing Quotes To Inform Your B2B Content Strategy

22 . 09 . 2015

If your content strategy is starting to look a little lacklustre, seeking inspiration from some of the most brilliant minds in marketing could be just the thing to…

Website Redesign Signs You Need a New Website
Web Design

10 signs you need a new website

16 . 09 . 2015

Your website is the nucleus of your entire online marketing strategy. As such, it needs to be in tip-top shape; an unattractive, shoddy website won’t do your sales…

Getting a payrise through HubSpot marketing

How a savvy Marketing Manager gets a pay rise

30 . 01 . 2015

Ask the average Marketing Manager how busy they are on a scale of one to 10, and they’re likely to answer ‘11’.Thing is, we know you’re not over-exaggerating…

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